Nicole, Senior Class President (Part 1)

The senior prank had gone all wrong.

The statue of the private school’s founder had fallen in the wrong direction, and instead of falling into the pickup truck they’d brought, it fell on the headmaster’s car, crushing the hood, smashing the windshield.

Nicole was a responsible girl. This was her idea, she told the others, she would take the blame.  None of the other kids had a problem with that, and so Nicole was resigned to face the music alone.

Friday morning, Nicole sat outside the principal’s office, her pert young body tense as she waited and waited. Her pretty, dirty blonde hair dangled around her chin in a bob, and she wore a school sweatshirt and a pair of jeans.  The wood chari was really uncomfortable, she noticed.  She’d never been in trouble before. She had no idea what to expect, but she was most definitely scared.  She’s destroyed the man’s car for god’s sake.  She felt like such an idiot.  She would be off to college in seven months, she’d just turned 18 three weeks ago, finally an adult… And then she played a childish prank like a little kid, and got sent to the headmaster’s office. “It’s lucky I’ve been so well-behaved all these years,” she thought, “the headmaster’ll cut me a break.”

Her name was called, and Nicole walked with an innocent look into the office.  She was surprised to find Ashley Adams already inside.  Ashley was a perky blonde cheerleader type, never friendly with Nicole.  Ashley was in her cheerleading uniform, red and white, sitting in a chair against the back wall.  Nicole had been waiting 20 minutes… What was Ashley doing in here all that time?

The headmaster interrupted her thoughts.  He shook his head at her.  “Nicole Stockton… Always such a good girl… Never in any trouble. Applications in at all kinds of good schools, so much promise… And now you’ve gone and pulled a stupid prank, destroying school property and my personal property. Very, very poor behavior, Nicole.”

Nicole’s beautiful face scrunched up cutely and said “sorry…” nice and cute. That usually worked for her. Ashley snickered behind her.

“I’m afraid sorry doesn’t cut it, Miss Stockton.  There will have to be consequences, young lady. Severe consequences.”

He looked Nicole’s body up and down as he said this, and she shuddered a little at his tone, and his gaze.

“As I see it, Nicole, we can handle this two ways.  You are your senior class president, and we expect more from you, as a leader of your peers.  As such, option one means we make an example of you.  First, I will call your parents and tell them what you’ve done, to the school they pay so much for you to attend, and to my car, which they will have to pay to repair.  You will likely be grounded, and your allowance taken to pay me back.  Second, I will write to every school you’ve applied to, rescind my letters of recommendation, and explain in detail what you’ve done, and what I think it says about your character.  They will reject you, without doubt.  I’ll make certain of that.”

Nicole’s mouth was drawn up into a nervous scrunch, terrified, her eyes full of worry.

“And that’s not all,” continued the headmaster. “I will also write to the parents of all your accomplices, and to all of the colleges to which they have applied, and they will all suffer your same fate.  I have security camera footage that I can use to identify everyone, but I will tell them all that you gave them up.  You will be a social outcast for the entirety of senior year, during which you will have no money and no college prospects.”

Nicole was shaking a little now.  He would lie to them, and make her sound like tattler?

“Does that option appeal to you, Miss Stockton?”

She shook her head, tears in her eyes.

“Well then perhaps Option Two will be more to your liking.  If you choose Option Two, this secret stays in this room.  Your parents will not be called, your colleges will not be notified, and your friends will go free.”

He paused, and waited for Nicole to whisper a meek, “… so… what is option two?”

“I’m glad you asked.”  He walked past her, shut and locked the door.  Nicole swallowed hard.

“Option two, Nicole, begins with you taking off all of your clothes, folding them neatly, and standing at attention for further instructions.”

The room spun.  Nicole didn’t know what to do.   What did he mean, take off her clothes?

“Nicole, let me speed this up a bit.  You have sixty seconds to be standing completely nude where you stand, your clothes neatly folded on the corner of my desk, hands behind your back.  If in 60 seconds you are not in this position, I’ll assume you prefer Option One.”

Nicole shot a look back at Ashley, who was looking at her with cruel eyes.

“Fifty-five seconds, Nicole.  Make a decision.”

Nicole looked at him, and at Ashley, and at the floor, thinking.  Grounded for the year, no allowance, no college, no friends…

“Forty-five seconds, Nicole.”

She looked at him, and tried not to cry, struggling to come up with something to say, to talk herself out of this.  She was the class president for god’s sake…

“Thirty five seconds, Nicole.”

She bit her lip, looked away… and made a decision.

The headmaster watched with a smile as his bright, beautiful star pupil began to strip off her clothes in a frenzy, yanking her sweatshirt over her head, kicking off her shoes, working hard on her button-fly jeans in her tank top.

“Twenty five seconds, Nicole…”

She whimpered and shoved her jeans to her ankles, revealing her cute little polka dot Victoria’s Secret PINK low-cut panties, shivering with shame as she undressed as fast as she could in front of her headmaster.  She yanked her tank top over her head, and then paused, trying not to cry.  She was in her bra and panties.  In front of the headmaster.  And Ashley Adams.  And she didn’t know what was going to happen to her.

“Fifteen seconds, Nicole…”

She reached behind her back and fumbled with her bra clasp, her perky teenage C cups shoved out and jiggling in front of her as she worked against the clock to bare her own breasts…

The bra unclasped, and she closed her eyes as it slid off her shoulders… and her soft, perfect knockers were exposed to a man old enough to be her father.  She was so fucking embarrassed…

“Ten…. nine…”

She yanked her panties furiously down her hips, trying not to look at him watching her pert bottom and fuzzy blonde pubes as she bent to remove her socks.  He laughed as she bounced on one foot trying to yank off her little socks, and then tried to fold her clothes lightning fast and place them on his desk, then run back into position and stand at attention.

The flurry of activity stopped… and Nicole Stockton stood completely naked before her Headmaster, hands behind her back, breasts heaving as she breathed heavily from the sudden rush of stripping naked in one minute.

“Unfortunately, Nicole, that took you one minute and seven seconds.  So I suppose it’s Option One after all… I’ll call your parents…”  He picked up the phone.

“Wait!  No!  Wait I want Option Two I want Option Two!” squealed the terrified, naked eighteen year old.

The Headmaster put down the phone.  “Well, I suppose that we could give you a punishment for being so slow to strip naked… instead of Option One… is that what you want?”

Nicole stood stark naked with her tender breasts thrust out in front of her, looked at the floor, and whispered, “Yes.”

“Yes, what, Nicole?” he prompted.

“Yes… Sir.”  She blushed.

“Good girl.  Now, before we get to your punishment, let’s take a nice, clear look at what you have to offer.  Lay on my desk, face up, hook your knees with your elbows, and pull them as far back and apart as you can.”  Nicole looked at him with big, scared eyes.  “It’s time for your inspection, Nicole.”

He turned on two large desk lamps, and the dark wood was bathed in bright white light. And she was to spread herself… present her vagina… for inspection

Behind her, Ashley giggled.

To be continued…


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